Here's a list of MPEG and audio files used in the Spectrum Electronic Music Controllers article, in order:

Ondes Martinot This is an audio file ** provided by Spectrum **.

sackbut.aiff This is an audio file of a Sackbut demo ** Now Here! **.

salmar.mpg is a video clip of Sal Martirano playing the SalMar construction ** Now Here! **.

R_Tree2.mpg is the rhythm tree from the Brain Opera at Lincoln Ctr ** Now Here! **.

ztar.mpg is the ztar from Starr being demoed by Stanley Jordan ** Now Here! **.

YoYo.mpg is YoYo Ma playing Machover's Begin Again Again... on the Hypercello (Tanglewood debut, 1991).

Ani.mpg is Ani Kavafian playing Machover's Forever and Ever on the Hyperviolin (Symphony Hall, Boston, May 17, 1997) ** Now Here! **.

KaiYuh_Baton.mpg is a great demo of our digital baton done by a student here, is a Clip of Theremin playing his instrument ** Provided by Spectrum **

penn.mpg is a few excerpts of Penn's chair solo (written by Machover)

GW.mpg is the Gesture Wall at the Brain Opera (taken at Lincoln Ctr.) ** New and Improved!! **

frames.mpg is a demo video of the Sensor Frame, by David Waxman ** Now Here! **.

Carpet.mpg is the sensor carpet installation is the sensor carpet music being played by dancer Mia Keinanen is a demo of Pisa's Twin Towers ** Provided by Spectrum **

LaserWall.mpg is a recent demo of our laser ranger tracker for music

PeteStretch.mpg is a recent demo of our laser ranger interfaced to Pete Rice's Stretchables is a demo of Pisa's Imaginary Piano ** Provided by Spectrum **

DanceSpace.mpg is Flavia Sparacino's computer vision musical interface.

A Miburi.mpg is a demo of the Yamaha Miburi ** Now Here! **.

jacket.mpg is a new demo of the MIDI jacket ** Now Here! **.

shoes.mpg is a new demo of the Expressive Dance Shoes ** Now Here! **.

glove.mpg is a demo of Sonami's Lady's Glove ** Now Here! **.

stretch.mpg is Pete Rice's new "stretchables" music controller; play music by pulling the objects with your mouse.

Note: The Below video clips are not being used by IEEE Spectrum

Joe_Synth.mpg is my large modular synth in action (whatever...)

KaiYuh_Radar.mpg is an early demo of a doppler radar music interface

Shoe_Show.mpg are my sensor shoes in the Wearables fashion show last week.

Teller_proto.mpg is Teller playing with our early prototype chair here in the lab.

Teller_closing.mpg is an excerpt from Teller's chair solo (" ")

Note: The above clip recorded live at MIT's Kresge Auditorium during the Digital Expression conference, October 1994.

There are also some links to check out; i.e., This one and This one although the former are video frames and the latter was done by Popular Science. There's more stuff; I've got Tod's people looking.