To address the needs of several music projects, we have designed a general planar structure for shunt-mode hand measurement (a "sensor frame") that has transmitters and receivers mounted on 75-cm-long PVC pipes as sketched in the bottom diagram. Duets have been written for pairs of such frames, where the players face one another across these "windows" and collaboratively control algorithms that respond to collective motion. This video clip (7.6 MEG MPEG) shows Media Lab graduate David Waxman performing a mapping that he wrote for a solo frame. A sequence starts when a person is detected near the frame, and a feedback-guitar lead changes pitch and timbre as hands are moved within the frame boundary. Waxman's frames have a transmitter in two opposite corners, surrounded by receivers. For more detail, see David's MS Thesis, Digital Theremins: Interactive Musical Experiences for Amateurs using Electric Field Sensing.