Brain Opera Circuitry

  • Fishbrain Board: HC11 with MIDI, RS-232, bootload, 4-chnls. of analog conditioning, proto area, user port, etc. Essentially a functional block for embedded MIDI or serial controllers.
  • Updated Fish: Fish, with bootload and a few minor tweaks added.
  • Gesture Wall Utility: Card with 8-channel light driver, Fish autocalibrator, MIDI input interface, and connector changeouts. Plugs into Fish.
  • Calibrator Corrector: Adjustable nonlinear correction for Gesture Wall autocalibrator.
  • Autocalibrator Hand Sensor: Card with sensor electrode matched to hand size, with optical hand-down detection, buffer amplifier, and LED drivers.
  • Brain Opera Drivers: Small cards based around AD712, which buffer fish signals and send them down RJ-11 cable. Flat frequency compensation and low front-end gain will produce very few drift problems. LED also present, which the Gesture Wall utility lights to make glowing sensors.
  • New Log Amps: New, more accurate, simpler 4-channel log amps based around Burr Brown Log100JP. Used in the Gesture Wall.
  • Harmonic Driving Utility: Card with 8-channel light driver, MIDI input interface, LED drivers, and buffers for twist pot and occupant-detector photocell. Plugs into Fish.
  • Quad Buffer Amplifiers: 4 channels of Fish buffer amplifiers based on AD713, also with frequency flattening and low front-end gain for low drift.
  • Digital Drumpad: PVDF sampling and LED drive with PIC on RS-485 bus.
  • Drumpad Concentrator: Card that sits with a Fishbrain at the base of the drumpad bus; essentially an intelligent UART for the HC11 with RS-485 drive.
  • Sensor Floor Interface: Card with buffer amplifiers, peak detectors, and multiplexers to interface to a Fishbrain and scan 64 channels of analog input from PVDF wires impregnated into a carpet to detect footsteps and measure their energy/location.
  • Doppler Radar Head: Card with micropatch phased array and electronics (local oscillator, quadrature diode demodulator, opamp driver) to measure motion.
  • Doppler Radar Analog Processor: Card with direction determinator and envelope followers and filters to convert the doppler signals into a triad of voltages that conform to direction of motion, amount of motion, and rapidity of motion.
  • Pulsed Sonar Head: Card to manage a simple TOF sonar, and produce an output gate (going low when ping goes out, high on return), signal envelope, and an analog voltage proportional to range. These signals, plus power and trigger inputs are applied via an RJ-45 cable.
  • 8-Channel Sonar Dispatcher: Card to allow a Fishbrain to manage up to 8 independent pulsed sonar heads.

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