Joe Paradiso "NCP II" (NCP) Aug 6th 2004, 10.00PM to 2.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:29pm Ozric Tentacles Toka Tola Spirals in Hyperspace 2004 Magna Carta URL
10:31pm Golem Jupiter & Beyond Orion Awakes 1973 Psi-Fi
10:41pm Message Dreams and Nightmares (Dreams) / Turn Over From Books and Dreams 1973 CMP
11:10pm Trio 96 Hayai Kyoku Quartet '99 1999 Poseidon and Musea URL
11:17pm SloterDijk Sexknowledgy Integration 2000 Lollipop Shop URL
11:35pm Michael Bundt Neon Neon 1979 BlubberLips
11:37pm The Hat Shoes Hot Rachmones Home 2002 RecRec URL
11:38pm TWINK Witches Brew The Lost Experimental Recordings 1970 1970 Get Back
11:44pm Dungen Ta Det Lugnt Ta Det Lugnt 2004 subliminal sounds URL
11:48pm Masque Kerutaruke Third Ear - Third Eye 1997 Belle Antique EMAIL
11:52pm West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Suppose They Give A War Volume 2 1967 Sundazed URL
11:59pm Pussy We Built the SUn Pussy Plays 1969 Edsel Records
12:00am Mythos Oriental Journey Mythos 1971 Spalax Music
12:07am Rovo Canvas Flage 2002 Warner Indes Network
12:12am Salvatore First Red Then Nothing Fresh 2001 Racing Junior URL EMAIL
12:33am Peter Hammill Logodaedalus/Like Perfume/Your Word/Always and a Day Incoherence 2003
12:34am Music Emporium Nam Myo Renge Kyo Music Emporium 1969 Sundazed URL
12:37am West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Buddha Volume 2 1967 Sundazed URL
12:44am Mongol Driller Doppler 444 1996 Belle Antique EMAIL
12:49am Passport Eternal Spiral Looking Thru 1973 Atlantic
12:50am Radio Massacre International Falling Off the Captain's Log People Would Really Like Space Rock if They Would Only Give It a Try 2003 Northern Echo Recordings

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