Joe Paradiso subbing for djeremy "Temporary @utonomous Zone" (NCP) Feb 25th 2005, 10.00PM to 2.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:19PM Ruins Warrido Vrresto 1998 Sonore URL
10:21PM Circle Traktors Taantumus 2000 Bad Vugum URL
10:27PM Gunter Schickert GAM Jam GAM 1976 1976 Auricle URL
10:37PM Bond Bergland The Weight of the Soul The Obscure Object of Devotion 1996 Dogstar Records
10:49PM Aska Temple Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte/Ravel A Night By the Pavane 2003 Neu Nichts URL EMAIL
11:13PM When Flower Jam The Lobster Boys 2001 jester records URL
11:14PM Minimum Vital Atlas Atlas 2003 Musea URL EMAIL
11:29PM When Modern Research into Mummies Whenever 2003 jester records URL
11:30PM When Cut The Lobster Boys 2001 jester records URL
11:32PM When Young Feet Flush Psychedelic Wunderbaum 1999 jester records URL
11:33PM When Pearl-Harvest Pearl-Harvest 2003 jester records URL
12:00AM Pugh Rogefeldt Stinsen | Bro Pughish 1970 Warner Music Sweden
12:02AM Bjorn Olsson Track 8 Mallorca 2004 Gravitation URL EMAIL
12:03AM Djam Karet The Hanging Tree Live at NEARfest 2001 2004 Nearfest Records URL
12:13AM Hi-Speed Agues die macinesse Erioka Con Animac Planetico 1996 Creativeman Disc
12:15AM Turing Machine Bitte, Baby, Bitte Zwei 2003 Frenchkiss URL
12:19AM Hi-Speed Salent mui camera destoroica Erioka Con Animac Planetico 1996 Creativeman Disc
12:21AM Hatfield and The North La Barbe est La Barbe, Sober Song Hatwise Choice, V. 1 2005 Hatco URL Recordings 1973-75
12:38AM Muvovum Whiff Xox - Alekwrt 2001 Lunachord URL
12:44AM Flower Travellin' Band Satori, Pt. 2 Satori 1971 Radioactive URL
12:51AM Paik Jayne Field Satin Black 2004 Strange Attractors URL
12:52AM Fossil River Bank Cyclist Fossil 2003 Poseidon URL
1:05AM Wha Ha Ha Nojari 2 1981 AMJ
1:13AM Flower Kings Love Supreme Adam and Eve 2004 Avalon URL
1:27AM Greg Weeks Day for Night Blood is Trouble 2004 Ba Da Bing! URL
1:34AM Adelaide Games Without End, Green Horizon, Entrance Adelaide 2004 adelaidesound URL
1:44AM Golem Godhead Dance Orion Awakens 1973 Psi-Fi
1:54AM Themselves Them Directions to my Special Place 1999 Anticon URL
2:07AM Arti & Mestieri Articolazioni Progday 2003 Electromantic Music URL

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