Joe Paradiso subbing for Tom "Nouvelles Aventures" (NCP) Jan 17th 2005, 7.00PM to 10.00PM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
7:22PM Wha Ha Ha On the Floor Wha Ha Ha 1980 AMJ (Absord Music Japan) Now on CD!
7:24PM Thomas Bodin The Horses from Zaad Sonic Boulevard 2003 Inside Out URL Keyboardist for Flower Kings
7:38PM Gus Gus Polester Day Gus Gus ? URL This cut has a real Can vibe...
7:39PM Rashinban Track 1 ??? 2003 Tractor Entertainment Sunny J-Pop
7:51PM EWOK Track 16 ?? ?? Twilight Zone samples
7:54PM Darxtar Seven and one-half / Obstakel Hawxtar 1997 SBM Sweden URL Live with Nik Turner
8:16PM Decibel il Poeta Del Ruido Fiat Lux 1979 MIO URL EMAIL
8:17PM Flower Kings One Whole Half Adam and Eve (Disk 2) 2004 Avalon Japanese import version
8:21PM Mosaic Ultimatum Ultimatum Plus 1978 MIO URL EMAIL
8:22PM The Muffins The Man in the Skin-Painted Suit Double Negative 2004 Cuneiform URL
8:28PM Kraan My Brother Said Flyday 1978 Funfundieverzig
8:29PM The Muffins Cat's Game Double Negative 2004 Cuneiform URL
8:32PM Pocket Orchestra Pocket Orchestra Pocket Orchestra 2005 MIO URL EMAIL
8:39PM Soh Band Farewell to Memories Whole Lotta Crybabes 2004 Quint Records
8:54PM The Stars Twinkle Outside Will 2004 PDL Ghost-related
8:56PM Yoshiharu Let's Go The Next Generation 2004 Self Released URL Plays a strange home-made string instrument like the Chapman Stick
8:58PM Zettaimu Downing-Prologue / Class V What Can I Do 2003 Garando Records
9:11PM Eskaton FX Fiction 1982 Soleil Zehul URL
9:17PM Paik Tinsel and Foil - Strange Familiar Corridors 2001 Beyonder Records URL
9:26PM Blackfield Open Mind Blackfield 2004 Snapper URL
9:28PM The Use of Ashes Flowerman Albion Moonlight The Wild Places URL EMAIL
9:39PM Chrome Slip it to the Android Alien Soundtracks 1977 Touch and Go URL
9:40PM Rovo Urma Mon 2004 First Aid Network
9:52PM Blackfield Blackfield Blackfield 2004 Snapper URL Steve Wilson Project
9:54PM Mother Mallard Elvis Only Like a Naked Man to Water 2004 Self Released URL Commercialish stuff from the first moog quartet 1969-71

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