Joe Paradiso "Test Pattern" (Special show dedicated to the Poseidon Label from Japan) & "Subbing for George" (NCP I) Jul 21st 2006, 6.00PM to 10.00PM

Played Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
6:17PM Interpose+ Aircon Interpose+ 2005 Poseidon URL
6:27PM KBB Inner Flame Live 2004 2005 Poseidon URL
6:31PM Free Love Long Way to Kashmir - Spiral Official Bootleg Vol. 1, Concert 2005 Sapporo 2005 Vital Records URL Vital is a Poseidon sublabel
6:40PM Ashada Neji Circulation 2006 Intermusic URL Intermusic is a Poseidon sublabel
6:54PM Wappa Gappa Etranger Gappa 2004 Intermusic URL
7:02PM Lu7 Crimson Carpet Efflorescence 2006 Intermusic URL
7:08PM F.H.C. Elephant Walk Triangulate 2004 VItal URL EMAIL
7:12PM Round House INORI 3-D 2006 Poseidon URL
7:10PM Djamra Kamihitoe Kamihitoe 2006 Vital URL
7:22PM Fantasmagoria Crusader Live at Star Pine's Cafe 06/13/2004 2005 VItal URL EMAIL
7:31PM Walrus Track 1 ? 2005 ? URL
7:40PM Walrus [Deceiver] ? 2005 ? URL
7:42PM Bandavivil Jemah & She Junaokissei 2004 Intermusic URL
7:46PM Show-Yen Life Game II 2005 Poseidon URL
7:49PM Koenjihyakkei Tzhdall Raszhisst Angerr Shisspa 2005 skin graft records URL
7:59PM PeterRoom Adreas Brothers PeterRoom 2005 Vital Records URL
8:09PM Finisterre La Ricostruzione Del Futuro La Meccanica Naturale 2004 Magnifica URL
8:15PM Hoppy Kamiyama Marital Ties Soundtracks 1997 Infinite Records URL
8:13PM Mats/Morgan Guardian Witch Trends and Other Diseases 1996 UAE URL
8:24PM D.F.A. Caleidoscopio Work in Progress Live 2001 MoonJune Records URL
8:34PM Ratto Ja Lehtisalo Vihertava Mies Kopernikus Hortoilee Nakinkegassa 2002 Ektro URL
8:45PM Angel'in Heavy Syrup Thirsty Land III 1995 Alchemy Records
8:57PM Celeste Un Mazzo di Ortiche Sec 1993 Mellow Records
8:59PM KTU Absinthe 8 Armed Monkey 2005 Westpark Music URL
9:09PM Coste Apetrea Rites of Passage Rites of Passage 2005 LionMusic URL
9:14PM Machine and The Synergistic Nuts Berlin Machine and the Synergistic Nuts 2003 Alibaba Records URL
9:20PM Alamaailman Vasarat Vasaraasialainen Kaarmelautakunta 2006 Silence URL
9:23PM Apocalyptica Harvester of Sorrow Plays Metallica By Four Cellos 1996 Polygram Finland
9:31PM Ithaca Times a game for all who know 1973 Acme Grammophone EMAIL
9:43PM Upsilon Acrux Zerpents In the Acrux of the Upsilon King 1999 Accretions URL
9:54PM Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive London 1966/1967 2005 Snapper URL

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