Joe Paradiso "Subbing for Jeremy" (NCP) Jun 25th 2004, 10.00PM to 1.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:05pm Magic Mushroom Band Magick Eye The Spaced Collection 1997 Purple Pyramid
10:15pm Igzit-nine Day of the Nautilus Igzit-nine 2003 Poseidon/Musea URL
10:26pm Syrinx Le Vingtieme Cercle Reification 2003 ? URL
10:36pm 8.8 Le Soleil Le Silo 2003 Tutinoko URL Is this really Opabinia's second CD?
10:37pm Magic Mushroom Band Look into the Future The Spaced Collection 1997 Purple Pyramid
10:40pm Ghost Kiseichukan Nite Hypnotic Underworld 2004 Drag City URL
10:42pm Amygdala 1998 Amygdala 2004 Soleil Zeuhl URL
10:51pm Ghost Escaped and Lost Down in Medina Hypnotic Underworld 2004 Drag City URL
10:51pm Ghost Aramaic Barbarous Dawn Hypnotic Underworld 2004 Drag City URL
10:52pm Ghost Leave the World! Hypnotic Underworld 2004 Drag City URL
11:06pm Wappa Gappa Kirmes Wappa Gappa II 2004 InterMusic and Musea URL
11:15pm Cherno Techno Dream Missing Illusion 2003 Vital Records URL
11:16pm Hoyry-Kone Kaivoonkatsoja Hyontesia voi Rakastaa 1995 Ad Perpetuam Memoriam (APM_
11:24pm Gregory Allan FitzPatrick Bildcirkus Marschen Bildcirkus 1992 MNW
11:26pm Don Preston The Eternal Question Vile Foamy Ectoplasm 1993 Muffin Records
11:27pm Opabinia Shower (passing) of Passion Opabinia 2002 Tutinoko URL
11:34pm BiKyoRan ?? (Track 2) Anthology Vol. 1 2002 Gohan Records URL
11:44pm Kalo Forest Faires Spiral Dream 2004 InterMusic and Musea URL
11:49pm Algarnas Tradgard My Childhood Trees Delayed 2001 Silence URL Recorded around 1974
11:50pm Hoppy Kamiyama Flesh for the Jet Set Juice and Tremelo 1998 Sonore URL
12:08am Zou Cling Bouzillator 1995 Musea URL EMAIL
12:12am Subarachnoid Space The Harsh Facts of Life Also Rising 2003 Strange Attractors Audio House URL
12:21am Bakery Living with a Memory Momento 1971 Radioactive Records URL Wonderful piece from early 70's - killer solos
12:32am Kalo Sunset Spiral Dreams 2004 InterMusic and Musea URL
12:36am ? Signora Carolina Canti D'Innocenza 1973 Vinyl Magic URL EMAIL Band is unnamed offshoot of New Trolls
12:40am O.S.I. Head Office of Strategic Influence 2003 Inside Out URL
12:47am High Rise Eucharist Dispersion 1992 Modern Music
12:54am Outer Limits Saturated Solution (original LP mix) Misty Moon 1985 Musea URL EMAIL

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