Joe Paradiso "Subbing for Jeremy" (ZBC Rock) Mar 18th 2005, 10.00PM to 12.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:05PM Rovo Loquix Mon 2004 First Aid Network, Inc.
10:12PM Paatos Gasoline Kallocain 2004 Inside Out URL
10:15PM University of Errors That's How Much I Need You Now Jet Propelled Photographs 2004 Cuneiform URL
10:27PM When E=MC2 Whenever 2004 Jester Records URL
10:29PM John Greaves Seven Scenes from the Painting "Exhuming the First American Mastodon" by C.W. Pearle Kew Rhone 1977 Le Chant Du Monde
10:30PM Renga Part II Moss 2004 Vital Records URL
10:31PM Circle Jaljet Forest 2004 Ektro URL
10:48PM Daemonia Nymphe Divined by Trophonios Tyrvasia 2004 Prikosonovenie URL
11:14PM Banco La Conquista della posizione eretta Live in Concert, Mexico City, May 28, 1999 2000 Sol & Deneb Records EMAIL
11:19PM PFM La Carrozza di Hans 1998 Wiz Music
11:27PM Le Orme Truck of Fire (pts. 1 and 2) In Concerto 1974 Philips
11:47PM Jyoji Sawada Hippokrates's theorem Music on 94 aerials 1994 God Mountain
11:57PM Akihisa Tsuboy X Natsuki Kido Duo crawler-A Era 2003 Poseidon Records URL
12:07AM Thinking Plague Dead Silence Upon Both Your Houses 2004 Live at Nearfest 2002 URL
12:11AM Upsilon Acrux Night of the Goblin Volucris avis Dirae-arum 2002 Planaria URL
12:22AM Uz Jsme Doma Triska Rybi Tuk 2003 Skoda Records URL
12:23AM Upsilon Acrux It takes a Nation of Unicorns (to hold us back) Volucris avis Dirae-arum 2002 Planaria URL
12:25AM Uz Jsme Doma Tina Rybi Tuk 2003 Skoda Records URL
12:31AM Ax Genrich phenomena Psychedeledic Guitar 1994 ATM Records
12:32AM Kennedy Flying Ship, Pt. 1 Twinkling NASA 1985 Tachika Records
12:38AM Hidria Spacefolk Pangaia Live Eleven AM 2005 Nearfest Records URL
12:43AM Karda Estra Lucy - Festina Lente Alternate History 2004 Cyclops URL
12:44AM Francois Thollot Vingt Trois Ceux d'en Face 2002 Soleil Zeuhl URL
12:48AM Birdsongs of the Mesozoic A Band of Deborahs (Not Debbies) 2001 Live Birds 2004 Nearfest Records URL

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