Joe Paradiso "Subbing for Jeremy" (NCP) Nov 19th 2004, 10.00PM to 2.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:15PM Francois Breant Poursuite Sur Le Peripherique Nord Voyeur Extra-Lucide 1979 Musea URL EMAIL
10:20PM Crazy Backwards Alphabet The Welfare Elite Crazy Backwards Alphabet 1986 SST French, Frith, Kaiser, & Thompson
10:26PM Djam Karet Hungry Ghost A Night for Baku 2003 Cuneiform Records URL
10:32PM Deus Ex Machina Hostis Non Est Ars Auae Ad Effect Um Casus Venit 1999 Kaliphonia
10:48PM Le Orme Los Angeles Smogmagica 1975 Philips
10:50PM Igzit-nine Hornet's Nest Igzit-Nine 2003 Poseidon-Musea URL
10:52PM Helios Creed Agoraphobia On the Dark Side of the Sun 2003 StaticWhiteSound URL
10:59PM Skist Trace Me Ellipsis 2002 Polarity URL
11:09PM Outer Limits Saturated Solution Misty Moon 1985 Musea URL EMAIL
11:11PM Opeth Deliverance Deliverance 2002 Koch URL Steve Wilson Production
11:30PM This Heat Paper Hats Deceit 2001 Rough Trade URL
11:32PM Pochakaite Malko Somewhere in Time Layla 2004 Tutinoko Label URL
11:42PM Glass Domino No Stranger to the Skies 2000 Relentless Pursuit Records URL
11:44PM Mandrake Mandragora Unreleased Materials Vol. 2 2001 Avalon
11:55PM West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band A Child's Guide to Good and Evil Vol. 3 1968 Sundazed URL
12:04AM Dungen Ta Det Lungt Ta Det Lugnt 2004 subliminal sounds URL
12:16AM Cosmic Invention Sky was falling Help Your Satori Mind 2004 The Now Sound
12:17AM Birth Control Plastic People Plastic People 1975 Repertoire URL
12:23AM Tom Dissevelt Intersection Popular Electronics 1961 Basta URL
12:44AM Michael Bundt The Brain of Oskar Panizza Just-Landed Cosmic Kid 1977 OMP
12:46AM Raymond Scott And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon The Unexpected 1960 Basta URL
12:50AM The Muffins Writing Blind Double Negative 2004 Cuneiform Records URL
12:51AM Anekdoten Seljak Gravity 2003 Virta URL
1:03AM Guru Guru Der LSD Marsch Ufo 1970 Spalax
1:12AM Aska Temple Omega Point Live (Pt. 1) Omega Point Live 2002 Nichts Records URL
2:01AM Brett Larner Jim O'Rourke Itadakimasu 2000 Spool URL
2:12AM Circle Hautain Takaa Sunrise 2002 Ektro URL
2:13AM Dave Brock State of Mind (inst.) Memos and Demos 2001 Voiceprint URL
2:15AM Exmagma The First Tune Exmagma 1972 Daily Records URL

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