Joe Paradiso "Subbing for Jeremy" (NCP) Sep 17th 2004, 11.00PM to 2.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
11:07pm Circle Nopeuskuningas Sunrise 2003 Ektro URL
11:22pm Frajedesaliva Track eight Mima Blanca 2003 Margen Records URL
11:28pm Nine Days Wonder We Grasp the Naked Meat We Never Lost Control 1973 Bellaphon Features Michael Bundt
11:30pm Shingetsu Oni Shingetsu Live 25.26 July 1979 1979 Poseidon and Musea URL Classic Japanese Sympthonic Prog.
11:44pm New Trolls Nato Adesso UT 1973 Warner Fonit
12:00am Gary Kerpel Herias sin Herir Carnabalito 2003 Nonesuch
12:21am AGF Westernization Completed "Mypatch" Digital Musics 2004 2004 Ars Electronica URL EMAIL
12:22am Joe Paradiso Ars-1 Ars-1 2004 Live modular synth at Ars Electronica 2004
12:22am Joe Paradiso Ars 2 Ars 2 2004
12:43am Joe Paradiso Ars-3 (Danube Blues) Ars-3 (Danube Blues) 2004
12:50am Joe Paradiso Ars-4 Ars-4 2004
1:10am The Circus McGurkus Blue Genes The Circuis McGurkus 2003 RecRec URL
1:18am Ghost Hazy Paradise Hypnotic Underworld 2004 Drag City URL
1:19am Nektar Desolation Valley / Waves A Tab in the Ocean 1972 Ecletic Discs URL
1:26am Trettioariga Kriget Night FLight-77 Elden Av Ar 2004 Mellotronen URL Song recorded in 77 on new album
1:33am Dedalus Santiago Dedalus 1973 Vinyl Magic URL EMAIL
1:35am Christian Fennesz Venice "Rivers of Sand" Digital Musics 2004 2004 Ars Electronica URL EMAIL
1:41am Anekdoten The War is Over Gravity 2003 Virta URL
1:48am Quikon Track Two Hallelujah!! 1997 Poseidon URL
1:59am Twenty Sixty Six and Then The Way I Feel Today Reflections! 1972 Second Battle

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