Joe Paradiso subbing for djeremy "Temporary @utonomous Zone" (NCP) Aug 9th 2003, 10.00PM to 2.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:02pm In the Labyrinth Lost in the Woods Dryad 2002 TAP-Record Heaven URL Swedish Eastern Psych
10:08pm Electric Orange Reflections of 2072 and Everywhere Electric Orange 1999 Delerium German mod-Psych
10:17pm Tortise Track #5 Standards 2000 Warp URL Jazzy
10:26pm Tomas Bodin Harlem Heat, My Beautiful Neighborhood, New in the 'Hood Pinup Guru 2002 Inside Out URL Plays keyboards for the Flower Kings
10:50pm FHC No Talking One Locus Which Consist of 3 Fragments 2002 VItal URL EMAIL Intense Japanese shorts - Naked City meets Crimson
10:51pm King Crimson Level Five The Power to Believe 2003 DGM Great recent CD
10:53pm Porcupine Tree Chloroform On Online Site Only 2003 Nice psych instrumental
11:05pm FHC Make An Acute One Locus Which Consists of 3 Fragments 2002 VItal URL EMAIL
10:57pm Le Orme Il Vento, Il Cielo e la notte / Danza del vento (II) Elementi 2001 Crisler URL Nice recent CD, in their electric mold.
11:16pm FHC Amputated Man One Locus Which Consists of 3 Fragments 2001 VItal URL EMAIL
11:22pm Zubi Zuvax Tsinghi Japan New Music Festival Europe Tour 2... 2003 Magaibutsu EMAIL Japanese craziness
11:24pm Opeth Death Whispered a Lullaby Damnatioin 2003 Koch URL Death Metal band does great prog
11:23pm Paatos Quits Timeloss 2002 Stockholm Records URL Swedish band, derived from Landberk
11:44pm Isildurs Bane & Metamorfosi Trio The History, Capital Punishment, Exodus, Cosmos Mind, Vol. 3 2003 Ataraxia Productions URL Swedish prog meets Italian improv.
11:52pm Lenny White The Venusian Summer Suite Venusian Summer Suite 1975 Wounded Bird Records URL Major classic - great Pat Gleeson synthwork
11:59pm Mani Neumeir Liquid Systems Birthday! 2002 Captain Trip Records URL Drummer from GuruGuru
12:12am Cherno Alternative Be Bop Slight Trick All Around 2003 VItal URL EMAIL Japanese trash Jazz
12:17am Groundhogs Earth is not Room Enough Who Will Save The World? 1972 Emi Great old mellotron classic
12:23am David Rosenboom and John Lennon Brainwave Improv on Mike Douglas Show From video 1972 Rhino URL Rosenboom did some pioneering work with music and biofeedback
12:31am Hawkwind Electronic Intro, Levitation Yule Festival 2000 HawkRecords URL With Tim Blake
12:53am Kroyt Go Body Electric Music Network URL Great Norweigan band
12:50am Tempano Twisted Mind The Agony and the Ecstacy 2002 Musea URL EMAIL Musea Prog from Venezuela
12:51am Mark Windgate Kar, Klang, and Melodie Kar, Klang, and Melodie Amusing electroacoustic piece
12:58am Pochakaite Malko Acid Rain Pochakaite Malko 2001 IFID Great Japanese instrumental RIO prog
1:29am Flower Kings Genie in a Bottle Unfold the Future 2002 Inside Out URL Their new CD (Unfold...) is wonderful
1:32am Angel in Heavy Syrup Why Don't You Take a Sight-Seeing Bus with Me? Angel in Heavy Syrup I Subterranean All-girl Japanese heavy-psych band. From their 1'st.
1:34am Le Orme Oggi Verra Ad Gloriam 1969 Replay Music From their 1'st LP - great Italian psych
1:36am Quatermass Post War Saturday Echo Quatermass 1970 Repertoire An old favorite of mine
1:37am Banco Roma/Tokyo Live in Tokio '97 1997 Sol & Deneb Records These guys still kick a** - amazing performance
1:42am O-U Blivits O-U 2003 Pawn House Records Japanese jazz-prog
1:45am Aside Beside Nightmare Tadj Mahall Gates 2001 Musea URL EMAIL Musea prog
1:52am Trettioariga Kriget Fjarilsattityder Trettioariga Kriget 1974 ? Early Swedish prog, from their 1'st
1:54am Tin Huey The Revelations of Dr. Modesto Contents Dislodged During Shipment 1978 Collectors' Choice Music Perhaps the best Akron band from back then.
2:10am Franco Maria Giannini Lo Stracciarolo Affresco 1974 Mellow Records Italian prog

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