Joe Paradiso subbing for susanna "rare frequency" (NCP) Oct 16th 2003, 10.00PM to 1.00AM

Time Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
10:19pm The Ecstacty of St. Theresa Sooper Kosmos Free-D 1994 Free Records
10:22pm Deus Ex Machina Convolutus Cinque 2002 Cuneiform URL Great song on great disc
10:23pm Krakatoa Hot Water We are the Rowboats 2003 Cuneiform URL
10:26pm Pak Beautiful Thoughts Never Last 100% Human Hair 2003 RA Sounds URL
10:27pm Oral Moses & Birdsongs of The Mesozoic Listen to the Angels Extreme Spirituals - Ref. Mix 2003 None Works in Progress
10:27pm Machine Reasoning Just Another Track Live comp. from CBC "Two New Hours" show 1987 None URL Bill Buxton, David Grimes, Jeff Bridges, Claude Desjardins, live @ Lee's Palace
10:33pm Rovo Vida Sai 2001 warner music japan Great band - derives from Bondage Fruit and the ...
10:48pm Minimum Vital Mystical West (Live) Les Mondes de... Minimum Vital 2001 Musea URL EMAIL
11:00pm Zao Satanyia Paris 73 1973 Spiral Live recording
11:09pm Samla Mammas Manna Frestelsens Cafe Dear Mamma 2002 Krax Live w. Yoshida Tatsuya
11:11pm Koenjihyakkei Grembo Azvia Live at Star Pine's Cafe 2002 Magaibutsu URL EMAIL The video is fab. What a band... For those who...
11:37pm Flux Hollow Spaces Protoplasmic 1997 Release Records Jim Plotkin's post-Old band
11:39pm Univers Zero Terres Noires (Blacklands) Rhythmix 2002 Cuneiform URL
11:40pm KBB Kraken's Brain is Blasting Four Corner's Sky 2003 Poseidon or Musea URL
11:56pm Haikara Geafar Geafar 1974 Ektro
12:08am Minoke? Til_na_nog Taneshina 2003 Vital Records URL
12:10am Shizuka kokoro Sho-Ka 2003 Vital Records URL
12:17am Group 1850 Aperitive, Hoes D'Oevre Live on Tour 1973 Progressive Line
12:33am Kinzokuebisu Part II (Tracks 9-14) Hakootoko 2003 Vital Records URL A suite of tunes that run together - prog style
12:56am Guapo Five Cornered Square Great Sage, Equal of Heaven Pandemonium Records EMAIL
12:59am The Grip Weeds Better World The Sound is in You 2003 Rainbow Quartz URL Sunny pop psych to end the show

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