The Gesture Wall was designed at the MIT Media Lab, with hardware by Joe Paradiso, musical software by Kai-yuh Hsiao, graphics software by Chris Dodge, and images by Sharon Daniel. The video clip (10.2 MEG MPEG) shows the Gesture Wall in use by the public at the Brain Opera's Lincoln Center debut in July 1996. Unfortunately, this video doesn't have a direct feed from the Gesture WallÕs audio output, thus it's difficult to hear the sound that people are generating. Essentially, they are controlling a musical sequence, selecting the pitch range (which raises as hands are lifted) and timbre (the synthesized instruments that are playing the melodies change as hands are moved horizontally). The projected graphics are particle-based systems that are perturbed in different ways by the hand motion and position. This video clip (17.6 MEG Quicktime) is much more recent, taken in August 2000 at the Brain Opera's permanent installation at the House of Music in Vienna. It shows only one Gesture Wall in operation, avoiding the caucophonous din of the entire Brain Opera going at once.