I've been doing radio programs featuring twisted jazz, European progressive music, and avant-garde, experimental, electronic compositions in the Boston Area for many years.

I started at WMFO (Tufts University), and produced many programs there from 1973-1987. I wound up leading a team that redesigned/rebuilt this radio station between 1985-1987, but that's a long story...

I did some of my best radio at the MIT radio station, WMBR, including "Camembert Electrique" (1978), "The Asylum" (guesting on shows 1978-1983), "Difficult Listening Hour" (1984-1985) and "Electronic Countermeasures" (1986-1994).

I am currently an occasional guest DJ on one of the country's most influential experimental music stations, WZBC (Boston College), where I do an occasional evening show on "No Commercial Potential".

As opposed to listing my favorite musicians, composers, and bands, I'm posting my recent playlists. These give a very good idea of what I'm listening to at the time of the show.

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