Recent audio clips & info from the synth's 2012 installation at the MIT Museum at

This is a photo of the modular synthesizer that I built and designed from 1974 through 1988. As you can see, it's been denoted "Keyboard of the Month" by Keyboard Magazine in the December 1996 issue. It also just got a citation in the Jan 2000 Keyboard Magazine under "25 Years of Weird Gear", a category to which it certainly belongs. It is a patchable synthesizer, with many unusual sound-generating, processing, and control functions. The above image shows it occupying my entire living room many years ago. For further details, click below:

Photos and video from synth rig at Ars Electronica 2004, Sept. 3-7, 2004 in Linz, Austria

Audio excerpts from all Ars 2004 patches are now available for download.

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